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We see diversity and inclusion as essential for our success. We believe that “inclusiveness and cultural differences are wealth for us,” with the expression we embody within the framework of our global values. On the other hand, we know very well that for human development and value-creating growth, it is absolutely necessary to build a participatory and egalitarian society.

In Yıldız Holding and in all our companies, we have established Yıldız Holding Women's Platform (YHWP) in order to make this inclusive culture permanent and we have started studies focusing on women's participation in the workforce within equal opportunity.

With inclusive strategies and practices based on equal opportunities, we aim for our company to operate more efficiently with a more innovative perspective and to encourage social transformation as an example to the entire business world.

Begüm Mutuş

As a company that values participation, equality and pluralism in all our business processes since its establishment, we coordinate our eorts through the YHWP which we established in March 2021, to ensure equal opportunity in the business world. We have prepared the Yıldız Holding Equal Opportunity Manifesto to guide these values and we aim to implement the commitments we shared in the manifesto through YHWP. Our aim is to put forward activities focused on our principles and to set an example for the business world with these activities.

It is very important for us to accurately shareour activities that we have implemented with the lens of social equal opportunity and spread it to the masses.

Throughout the year, we carried out works that contribute to the construction of an egalitarian, pluralistic and inclusive social order. We also aim to undertake important works for the coming period.

Messages from our CEO’s


After having brought Yildiz Holding Women’s Platform into being to transform the culture of equal opportunities into a stronger and more permanent structure in all its companies, Yildiz Holding has now also signed United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs).Read more…


Having already adopted pioneering practices in equal opportunities and inclusion through its Women’s Platform, Yıldız Holding now takes these initiatives to the global level in cooperation with The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women). With the aim of encouraging women entrepreneurship and supporting women in taking more active roles in supply chains, Yıldız Holding signed a memorandum of understanding with UN Women Europe and Central Asia Regional Office. At the signing ceremony, the Holding was represented by Board Member Nurtaç Ziyal Afridi, the Global CEO of GODIVA.. Read more…

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Launched by Yıldız Holding Women's Platform, the "Shine Together" network was established to announce the efforts made to empower women in the workplace and to enable female employees to share their stories and experiences.