• 2023-09-30


  •  A woman entrepreneur is a person who operates as the owner of a business, either individually or together with the people she employs, in her home or in the workplace she establishes outside her home, or even establishes a partnership. She manages the production, distribution, marketing and sales of the goods or services she produces herself. She organizes business processes, plans production and services, and has decision-making authority when operating, developing or closing the workplace. Establishes relationships with other individuals, organizations, institutions and organizations depending on their work. The woman entrepreneur is the leader of her own business, having a say in the areas of investment and utilization while managing the income she earns.


  • Women entrepreneurs bring a distinctive set of qualities to their path towards success, underscoring the significance of women's entrepreneurship. These qualities encompass the capacity to attentively consider diverse perspectives, involve communities in decision-making processes, embrace adaptability, champion the support of youth and women, create leadership opportunities for fellow women, empower others, and value a wide array of life experiences and skills. Additionally, these attributes encompass empathy and a solution-driven approach. These inherent traits provide female business owners with a unique vantage point on leadership and accomplishment, thereby amplifying their contributions to the business realm. An expanding body of research underscores that enhancing women's involvement in economic endeavors yields noteworthy advantages. Within this framework, heightened female presence in business drives enhancements in national economies, household productivity, the elevation of living standards, the betterment of children's well-being with enduring positive effects, and an augmentation in business profitability.


  • Women's extra responsibilities or lack of knowledge affect their education processes, resulting in limited knowledge in some areas. Women can find their place by strengthening their knowledge, skills and status in areas dominated by men. However, in the labor market they enter with educational disadvantages, their entrepreneurial experience may be insufficient, as they often turn to traditional and low-skilled jobs.

  • Since women have more than one social role, they have to fulfill the status of wife and mother in order to maintain the balance within the family, so women's efforts to maintain the balance mechanism between family and working life is one of the obstacles to women's entrepreneurship.

  • Environmental and familial opposition to women's entrepreneurial ideas creates pressure on women and creates a negative situation by preventing women from being encouraged in the business field.

  • Discrimination against women in business life and the creation of a gender-based polarization with the discourse of "professions that women can and cannot do" is another obstacle to women's entrepreneurship.

  • Women entrepreneurs may face difficulties in having access to effective networks, which are essential in the process of managing their businesses. It is a fact that women are underrepresented in some sectors of the business world and therefore do not have the same level of access as men. This creates a network handicap for women entrepreneurship.


Financial difficulties and bureaucratic obstacles are other factors that hinder women's entrepreneurship.


  • Yıldız Holding Women's Platform engages in highly impactful initiatives aimed at bolstering women's entrepreneurship, creating a pathway for women to cultivate a dynamic, influential, and leadership-oriented presence in the business realm. In alignment with this ethos, the Yıldız Holding Women's Platform has forged a successful partnership with UN Women, leading to the realization of vital projects that champion women's entrepreneurship. The Yıldız Holding Women's Platform implements the 'Women's Entrepreneurship Accelerator' initiative, a venture that generates a multitude of positive avenues. These encompass addressing the challenges confronted by women in business, emboldening women, and fostering women's entrepreneurship through effective strategies. The program's objective is to assist women entrepreneurs in nurturing and launching their enterprises within the global marketplace. The accelerator program extends an array of benefits, including interactions with accomplished women entrepreneurs from Turkey, weekly workshops, a personalized approach, access to digital resources, a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs and experts, alongside potential financing opportunities. Operating with a steadfast commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equality, the Yıldız Holding Women's Platform places emphasis not only on alleviating challenges encountered by women and bolstering business focus but also on propelling women's accomplishments to inspire other aspiring women entrepreneurs. Through diverse projects like 'Women Stars of Agriculture,' 'Yıldız Ventures,' and 'Shine Together,' significant strides are taken towards augmenting the presence of women in the workforce and promoting this cause. 

One of the most impactful ways Yıldız Holding champions women's entrepreneurship is through the SEÇ Market model.


  • Acknowledging the pivotal role that women play as leaders within families, Yıldız Holding introduced the SEÇ Market model, an innovative endeavor aimed at empowering women to take the reins in the realm of commerce as well. This model strives to empower women to establish and manage their own businesses within the modern retail sector, while simultaneously revitalizing and preserving traditional artisanal practices. Notably, the SEÇ Market initiative has facilitated a 10% representation of women entrepreneurs among its business partners, setting a remarkable precedent for numerous aspiring female entrepreneurs. The SEÇ Market model provides a platform through which women engaged in small-scale traditional grocery enterprises can enhance their customer satisfaction strategies by availing themselves of consultancy services. These services are designed to bolster their commercial success by offering expert insights into methods for augmenting turnover. Every facet of the entrepreneurial journey, from selecting store locations and arranging shelves to procuring products and managing general market operations, is supported and guided by SEÇ, fostering a more effective and prosperous business approach. By extending a wider spectrum of product offerings to entrepreneurs, SEÇ Market not only contributes to establishing organized grocery outlets but also cultivates a sense of trust among customers, thus elevating entrepreneurs' credibility. Through SEÇ Market, women's entrepreneurship receives nationwide support across Turkey, offering a platform for women to fortify their competitive stance within the retail sector.


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